Today, businesses require information – Information is the Key focal point and an absolute essential ingredient for the knowledge workers. Hence it needs to be published more quickly than ever before. And the quality of that information, as well as the processes for accessing that information, are critical to all areas of your business, including risk management, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. To make sure that your information creates knowledge — not chaos — you need robust process frameworks that validate every application.

CSSi offers an accelerated testing process incorporating both on-shore and off-shore capabilities to deliver test results quickly and cost-effectively. We accelerate your ability to meet your demands for knowledge by engaging our off-shore facilities and professionals. This means we are working for you, even when your work day is done. We also use data profiling tools to identify and discern the impact of data anomalies on the application logic submitted for testing. If a data issue that violates expected business rules surfaces during profiling, then the application error and the offending data anomaly will be submitted for resolution.

Our off-shore test facilities make data integration processes viable by ensuring that proper results are obtained from the integration process and that best practice controls identify the anomalies or your data. Audit trails to validate the integrity of the data and managing exceptions are built right into the data integration process.

Benefits of trusting your data :

  • The right information available to make informed decisions
  • Organized data that stakeholders can use—without being bogged down in the details of structure
  • Information when stakeholders want it
  • Trusted validation processes