Data integration has become a major challenge for various public sector organizations and this issue has exerted unprecedented pressures on these entities. Mounting program costs due to the implementation of new security requirements, replacement of aging technology infrastructures, cross agency information sharing and ever increasing demands for multi-channel services is causing serious problems. Anti Money Laundering, Patriot Act and other government regulatory requirements require public sector organizations to be much more efficient in information collection, store and distribution.

The good news is that governments worldwide are breaking new ground. Through creative partnerships, they are leveraging innovative business processes and technologies that transform operations for the future and deliver on the process and technology demands of today. CSSi partnered with various product companies to deliver comprehensive solutions to its public sector clients. Some of these solutions include unemployment claims fraud detection, workers compensation, etc.

CSSi has unparalleled experience and expertise in public sector projects. Governments need to harness these opportunities. Our solutions service along with Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing practice are built upon proven and repeatable frameworks that will lead to rapid deployment, measurable process improvements, cost savings and increased satisfaction. We also manage services on behalf of clients, allowing the public sector to reduce the complexity of day-to-day operations and to better focus on the business of government.