valuesAt CSSi, we operate within the peripherals of our fundamental values, which serve as our guiding light to provide you with the winning edge. These values take the shape of the 5 Cs of CSSi:

Customer Satisfaction :
Customer Satisfaction is one of our core values. This reflects in the work we do. Today 90 percent of our business comes from repeat customers, and 25 percent of our new business – every year – is a direct result of a customer referral based on our delivery and relationship. Our recent survey suggests that – customer satisfaction has been the number one reason why our customers chose to doing repeat business with us.

Creativity :
At CSSi, we breed a culture of innovation and creativity not only in the kind of solutions provided or projects delivered, but also in our way of thinking. Creativity reflects in the way our people deliver solutions to our clients – proactively identifying innovative ways to addressing our clients’ challenges.

“You can have the right strategy, but the wrong people and it will never work. But if you have the right people but the wrong strategy, you can still be successful.”

CSSi places a huge emphasis on hiring the best people. While our competitors try to cut corners and compromise quality for cost, we continue to focus on hiring highly competent staff. Our team – Professionals from the top Technology and Consulting companies across the globe – continuously bring best practices to CSSi.

CSSi believes in team effort. We rely on our Strengths, Innovation and Creativity, which remains as a key collaborative tool to perfectly Blend, Match and Meet our customer challenges. Our company methodology is built in such a way that each team member has a clearly defined role tied to his or her team’s effort. Our incentive structures are also such that they encourage collaboration through teamwork.

Concentration refers to our ability to focus on an initiative and be able to see it all the way through. This rigor is the reason why some of our customers have asked us to develop complete products for them. Our strong processes and methodologies combined with this core value give us the discipline required to deliver complex projects.