Consumer experience is at the heart of the fast-paced, directional shift in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries — requiring increased focus on patient experience, consumer centricity, quality of care, innovation, and cost improvement. Rising healthcare costs, shortages of skilled professionals, increasing regulations, accelerating technology costs and thin profit margins pose significant and pressing management challenges for the healthcare industry.

CSSi’s healthcare solutions focus on data and application integration along with data warehousing, enhancing our customers’ client-facing offerings and internal optimization with superior business intelligence. Our award-winning services include web based Self-Service Portals, Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Marts.

Regulatory Analysis:
With greater emphasis on regulatory compliance (e.g.: FDA), CS Solutions helps you to Organize & Manage your Mission Critical Data by fulfilling the Key regulatory compliances. Our Services in this area include – Analysis of Compliance and Regulatory Data for Pattern Identification, as well as customized regulatory data marts to support regulator requests.

Customer and Data Management:
With fierce competition and choices available, focus on the customer, customer profitability and needs is essential to maintain competitive edge. CSSi capabilities in customer information management and the full spectrum of customer touch points make us a perfect choice to build out your CDI and other data management programs.

Reporting and Analytics:
The healthcare marketplace has been experiencing difficult time in generating various set of reports and analyses produced for regulators, investors and those accountable for the stewardship of the business. While preparing these reports, data is considered to be the most critical component of reporting and analysis, the concept of a single version of the truth is compromised when Merger happens between two organizations and some of the key challenging questions raised are -Which reporting will be used and what tools will deliver those reports. CSSi brings proven expertise and solutions in providing trusted, consistent data.