The past two decades have seen the phenomenal rise of superstores in both the US and Europe; and growing consolidation and globalization has boosted the bargaining power of retailers in the supply chain. Smart retailers have reoriented their businesses around their customers — realizing that it is equally as important to retain customers as it is to attract new ones. Additionally, the global supply chain ensures that all kinds of products are readily available to consumers. All this, and the added convenience of on-line retail channels has radically changed the way retailers manage, track, and position their businesses.

To compete in this competitive marketplace, retailers need to rapidly respond to emerging trends by providing differentiative services, it’s imperative to deliver information optimally just in time. Disparate systems, increased need for transparency, rapid response to changes in the business direction & evolving business landscape in the retail services is constantly striving to balance business strategy with Information Management.

CSSi helps retailers harvest value from past IT investments while helping them remain competitive through the integration of critical technology advancements. We provide comprehensive IT services relating to data and applications for the CPG and the retail industry. Our services help clients improve operational efficiency, internal operations, competitive activity and speed in delivery.

Customer and Data Management:
With fierce competition and numerous choices available, focus on the customer, customer profitability and needs is essential to maintain a competitive edge. CSSi has the capability to manage your customer information management and helps you to build out your CDI and other data management programs. These programs include customer lifetime value, householding, client segmentation and product optimization programs.

Operational Efficiencies:
Retailers need to focus on customers while managing the cost side of business, improve inventory efficiencies and reduce/eliminate costs. CSSi is the perfect partner to help you with Operational Management Supply Chain Management, B2B, Channel Integration and other operational performance initiatives, including Information Integration and Workflow management.

Reporting and Analytics:
Pervasive intelligence with visibility throughout business operations and ability to respond to events is critical to maintaining competitive edge. While information is a critical component of reporting and analysis, the concept of a single source of truth promotes visibility to improve and collaboration between partners. Through the right data warehouse and business intelligence architectures, and data and application integration programs, CSSi’s clients gain keen visibility into their products, customers and operations.