Over the past decade, financial services industry has been experiencing lot of M&A activities leading to the consolidation, tough regulatory compliances and a rapidly changing business challenges fueled by the speed of globalization and electronic transaction environments. More than ever, these organizations need to focus on increasing shareholder value and customer satisfaction in order to maintain a competitive edge.

CSSi’s services for the Financial Services industry enable our commercial and investment bank clients, and credit unions, fulfill customer demands more efficiently while keeping costs low. These services focus on data management; client service integration and visibility; risk management and compliance; as well as technology management.

Data Management and Returns on Data:
Managing data and creating a positive return on your data investments requires specialized strategies and implementation services for business intelligence and information management, ensuring a consistent accurate view of data by all stakeholders and knowledge workers. Our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Information Integration (EII), Extract Transform load (ETL), services along with the enterprise data warehouse architecture, create this trusted information delivery.

Client Service Integration and Visibility:
Getting a 360 degree view of your customer creates numerous opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling of your own services. Our solutions in the area of channel integration, along with information integration, workflow automation processes, gives you an in-depth knowledge about your customer’s needs and habits, and create synergy across all of your enterprise channels while increasing efficiencies and speed of delivery.

Risk Management and Compliance:
The pressures of increasing regulatory compliance and risk management measures require financial services organizations to be more vigil than ever with their customer data. And government regulations like the USA PATRIOT Act and Sarbanes-Oxley require seamless financial reporting and controls, along with meeting operational risk standards outlined by the Basel II accord. CSSi understands its Client requirements and provides Basel-II compliance on its Datawarehousing Framework and Data Mart/DW Architectures. We also provide solutions in the area of Compliance Reporting and Fraud Detection.

Technology Management:
The technology driving financial services transactions continues to develop, outpacing functionalities previously available to customers. And the need to manage this technology, while maintaining client visibility and compliance and facilitate the speed of transaction processing is critical to maintaining competitive market share. CSSi brings expertise in application and information integration, development and maintenance services, along with proven ATM/POS drivers and monitoring solutions, with ISO and Base 24 compliant interfaces for third-party networks and payment solution providers.