While Master Data Management (MDM) seems like the latest buzz word in the Information Management, the drive toward a common, consistent, enterprise-wide view of your data about people, products, logistics, and key information about your business has been around for a while.

MDM should not be viewed as a project but an on-going effort to build, maintain and reap the benefits of a holistic view of key information that is consistent across your organization.

CSSi brings the ability and expertise to map out your master data journey through strategic offerings that let you gain insight into your data and create the trusted, common ground for your knowledge workers. Our programs promote data stewardship, ease in mapping data and integration (both operational and analytical systems), and enable the sustenance of your MDM program (processes for maintenance, change management and control).

Our master data management offerings include: strategy for mastering data; data mapping solutions and integrating master data with both operational and analytical systems; data stewardship support through workflows; processes for change management; and a customized education and training assessment.

MDM Strategy:
Analyzing your data and setting up a program to standardize, improve and manage it improves business performance, increases revenue and spurs growth. Getting started means understanding the current state of your data management process and map that against your business goals. This creates a holistic picture to determine strategy that drives your MDM initiative. Our approach builds the strategy with details on quick wins, areas of risk and opportunity, mapped to criteria defined with you at start of this assessment. The result: a road map of technology, people and process components of your organization.

Jump Start MDM:
We know that no two MDM programs are the same. Through our experience, we’ve built proven, repeatable processes to implement and execute your MDM initiative — regardless of where you start. This includes business analysis, integration and execution plans, your architecture and data models; then incorporating ongoing governance and sustenance processes specific to your organization.

Data Governance:
MDM is an ongoing process with a language common to all of your stakeholders; owning that process requires the human touch. This is where Data Governance comes in. Data Governance includes creating the common, organizational definition of data and the management of content and definitions through the enterprise, including partners. The architecture and security of the data, as well as the completeness and legal compliance of that data are also part of the governance process. CSSi collaborates with clients on how effectively to manage data across throughout its lifecycle and ensure that knowledge works have trusted, complete and secure data, when they need it — every time they need it.

Customer Data Integration:
Your customers are your most important asset. Having intimate and complete knowledge about your customers is critical to achieving competitive advantage. Customer Data Integration — similar to MDM — is about getting a complete, panoramic view of your customer. CSSi brings focus and clarity to forecast & view of your customer behavior through customized offerings that analyze, integrate and sustainable view – and relationship with your clients.