Enterprise Architecture Integration—Unlock business innovation by optimizing your existing technology investments and infrastructure.

If you’re like most IT organizations, you may be facing significant pressure to use IT to support business innovation. This focus on IT as a key enabler for competitive advantage and business growth sheds on the challenges keeping IT from being able to deliver greater value to the business:

  • Disconnected business processes and applications
  • Exponentially increasing information that must be managed
  • Lack of alignment of IT and business objectives
  • All of these challenges have middleware in common. An Integrator that is located between your business processes and the infrastructure needed to execute them is the middleware. This is where – People, Processes, and Information – unite, to create a seamless flow of information and insight across the enterprise.

By enabling seamless integration of the application layer with the infrastructure layer, IBM can help you optimize your IT environment, generate higher returns on IT investments, and yield greater business value and innovation from IT.

CSSi understands the complexity involved in creating a connected business, and offers a broad portfolio of innovative middleware services that let you unlock your information. From initial strategy, design and implementation to ongoing management and optimization, CSSi’s middleware services increase the flexibility and responsiveness of your business and reduce complexity and costs of business integration. Our services enable you to enhance the Quality of your Information, value and increase speed to market.

Services-oriented architecture (SOA): We can help you design, implement and manage an architecture built for flexibility that builds applications and processes in a way that allows for greater integration and reuse of resources.

Information on demand: We can help you consolidate your information management infrastructure to better integrate information at a lower cost, so you can deliver the right information to the right people when and where they need it.

Service management and governance: We can help you connect and more effectively, manage all of the services efforts across your IT organization with an emphasis on supportive business strategies and objectives. We can also help you create the visibility and accountability needed to ensure that IT stays aligned with the business.