Trusted data excellence doesn’t happen by accident. It requires good planning and design, and a strategy. CSSi knows that your data warehouse is more than just storage – it’s the basis of your connected business. The right architecture and solution allows you to work smarter, not harder, and to make decisions based on the right data and at the right time.
We have created solutions that are reliable, scalable, cost-effective — addressing our clients’ needs for today and supporting their growth for tomorrow. This includes identifying and managing the master data that are the dimensions of your data warehouse and creating the data quality programs that ensure you stakeholders have the most trusted information. Our solutions include the right models for your organization to deal with the deluge of information to make the right amount of information and history available to your knowledge works. All this, and the right strategy, architecture and life cycle to support your organizational strategy and goals.

End-to-End Data Mart/Data Warehouse Solutions:
As companies increasingly feel the need to keep applications current to manage, manipulate and disseminate information to create competitive advantage, the need for end-to-end solutions becomes critical. CSSi olutions collaborates with our clients to assess current data warehouse/data mart environments and complete a gap analysis. We also evaluate technology and tools and make vendor-neutral recommendations that are in your best interest. Finally we deliver a road map, specific to you, that outlines the architecture/reengineering solutions and implementation strategy to reach your strategic goals.

Data Migration and Database Integration:
Enterprise architecture is evolving everyday to keep up with changing business needs, and migrating to newer technologies, servers and integration platforms has become a way of life. CSSi knows that this can be a costly and risky process. We provide proven, structured processes to migrate your data that reduces your overall risk and cost. Whether migrating legacy applications or migration to new server platforms, we bring the expertise to do it effectively the first time. Through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools to mapping and gapping, we follow a proven methodology of Assess, Architect, Migrate, Test and Deploy, to ensure your data migrations and database integrations are successful.

Data Quality Assessment/Data Cleansing:
The quality of your data affects the quality of your decisions. CSSi provides a framework of policies, processes, tools and techniques to profile, cleanse and manage the quality of your data, both across functions and throughout your enterprise.