The work culture of an organization is a product of its history, traditions, values and vision. At CSSi, our work culture — a mix of practices and ideologies built from interactions of people with their work environment — has been shaped over time by the diversity and interactions of our people.

Our people have a passion and commitment to building a long-lasting relationship and world-class business. We experience the true meaning of freedom of expression by proactively providing suggestions, solutions and opinions on business challenges our clients face daily. Our shared values of Customer Satisfaction, Creativity, Collaboration, Competence and Concentration, foster inclusion, high performance and commitment — both to clients and employees.

We have a proven history and expertise in the rapidly evolving field of Information Technology, we know how to foster an environment of stability in our workforce, providing personal consideration to our employees excellent employee benefits and work/ life balance required for productivity and an innovative culture.

With over 14 nationalities, our people participate in a multicultural, multi-disciplined, diverse and responsive global work environments. We collaborate — together and with our clients — to deliver top-quality, innovative solutions our clients have come to expect. Members of the CSSi family have the opportunity to work in various environments, including consulting environments at a client site, virtual teams at one of our solution centers in the United States, or with our Global Development Center in India.

Find out more about becoming a member of the CSSi family and explore career opportunities to allow you to create, collaborate, and concentrate on mutual goals.